Friday, 24 July 2009

Today must be a good day

When I discovered craft blogs (and I have no real idea of when this was as all the years blur together) it was all about Loobylu, Hop Skip Jump and a few others - almost all were Australian, now that I think of it. But as much as I looked, I never got to actually own any of their very limited edition creations (well, besides a fabulous little Loobylu pear, which I then gave it to a friend - lucky them). Until today. Yes, today is my lucky day indeed, as today I became the rather proud owner of Maudie. How very cute is she?

Photo by Fiona Dalton of Hop Skip Jump

It was hard to pick her out of the bunch, as everything Fiona makes is so cute, but I'm thinking her name might have something to do with it (similar to my Mum's).

Thanks for being so inspirational and making such amazing stuff, Fiona :)

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Market Snaps & more markets coming

Just a few snaps from the market. Mostly they're blurry (mental shopping list : buy a new camera!) but you get the idea. So great to share a stall with such lovely people (my fabric stuff with handmade jewellery and cardboard stools might seem odd, but it worked) and to meet so many new people, including some excellent bloggers.

And above are some buttons and magnets in the making, by the heater at the studio (possibly taken very late at night, in the lead-up to the market).

Next up, the Rose Street Artists' Market on Sunday week, 2nd August. Yep, that's right - Rose Street Market is now on on Sundays, too. And this will be my first shot. Can't wait! I'm also going to be at the Thread Den market in a couple of weeks, more on that soon.

Rose Street Artists' Market
60 Rose Street, Fitzroy
11am - 5pm Saturdays and Sundays
(I'll be there for a heap of Sundays over the next few months, do say hello if you come along!)

Monday, 20 July 2009

Baby sandal love

The market yesterday was amazing, but am still recovering - it's been a while since I've had to stand up all day like that and the crooked concrete floor = leg pain! Hope to have some snaps soon but just quickly, how sweet are these? Sandals are alway great, but baby sandals are just too much. And if there's a monkey too, it couldn't get much better.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Cushion mania

More market news (can you tell I'm living, breathing & sleeping market preparations?) - I have made a bunch of cushions, to assist with couch-lounging through this rather freezing winter.

There's a handful made with combinations of my fabrics -

And some featuring four of Volker Haug's lights (small and large cushions), from our wee collaboration -

And can you believe I am still chasing an Etsy Treasury spot? My plan to get one keeps on being foiled, sometimes by mere minutes. But I will persist, even if it means finding a whole new bunch of things to put in the Treasury (I'm sure all the things in my pretend Treasury will be sold before I actually get one!)

Frankie love

My T Towel on Frankie. Cool!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Factory

I managed to check out the space for the market that's on on Sunday and it's amazing, an old foundry with lots of character. And huge. I think it'll look quite different by then as there's a lot of work going on over the next few days.

Now just need to get planning for the stall (located around where the wall's been painted in the photo above) which I'm sharing with Paper Tiger Products and Repugnant Charm. Hoping to have photos of some of the things I'll be selling, too...we'll see.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This Is Not A Design Market

Quietness = busy-ness for me at the moment, what with markets signed up for a while ago suddenly being almost here. The first is This Is Not A Design Market, which is being run as part of the State of Design festival, and is on this Sunday, 19 July from 10-5! Here's the spiel:

THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET is a 1 day outlet for local fashion, products, paper, furniture, lighting art and people.

Situated at 500 Latrobe Street, Melbourne, THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET will take form in the striking backdrop of a 2000m2 former non-ferrous metal workshop, otherwise known as The Factory.

THIS IS NOT A DESIGN MARKET is supported by Matilda Bay Brewery and will feature great music, food, drinks and coffee for a fantastic Sunday out.

I'm hoping to have some snaps of the building (which is amazing, apparently) soon. And if you're in Melbourne, come along - sounds like it should be pretty fun.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

If I had an Etsy Treasury...

..this is what I'd put in it.

I still don't quite understand how to actually get a Treasury (counting hundreds of lists and waiting hours?) but have decided I really want one. So far I've failed in my lame-o attempts, but have compiled a collection that's ready and waiting to be Treasurised (using the poster sketch tool) should an attempt succeed. Too much fun.

Red is the theme, hinting at warmth needed inside to deal with the chilly winter here is Melbourne. Brrr.

Thanks for the inspiration, makers of red things!
(ROW 1) FiggyandWink, chetanddot, skinnylaminx, NaomiMurrell
(ROW 2) flyingstartoys, summersville, renneslechateau, ashleyg
(ROW 3) dollyknits, catsmiaow, summersville, me!
(ROW 4) wonderthunder, mingus, happysquashtoys, handmadebabylove

Friday, 3 July 2009

Pom-pom mania

I've wanted to make some pom poms for yonks - they're something I've not done since I was a kid (I think at one stage my sister and I were a bit of a pom-pom-making factory). This one took me a week to finish off, doing it here and there, and it's definitely wonky but is also definitely a start. I'd love to add a few of these to the bottom of one of my many scarves.

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