Friday, 24 December 2010

Season's Greetings

A quick hello and season's greetings! Thanks to everyone who's bought some of my wares and said nice things throughout the year, it's much appreciated :) May Santa be kind to you and have fun.

XO Susan

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Bunting, rain and shopping

Here are some pictures from the market on the weekend. It was fun. Busy. And I did shopping as there were lots of beautiful things, yay. There was also bunting. Lovely stallholders. Nice food. Lots of rain followed by lots of sunshine. And I had some new things there. All up it was a great day. And now it's four days to Christmas and I'm sick and have way too much Christmas shopping and baking still to do, but all I want to do is sleep!

Lovely bunting!
Some of my neighbours
Me and my super sweet neighbour Emily Green
My new fabric, Raindrops in blue
My new Christmas cards that I finally have a photo of!

Friday, 17 December 2010

Window Shopping

Started setting up my stall at Harvest Workroom today. The window looks so pretty! And inside is such an amazing blank canvas...will have to remember my camera tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Harvest Love

Super excited about the Harvest Christmas Market this Saturday. I'll have a few new things I've not had time to photograph yet and hopefully I'll also be able to pick up some cute gifts too (so far I've had no time for any kind of shopping but have my eye on these or these for my niece, who's turning six months old today!) And you can read a wee profile of me/my work on the Harvest site.

One thing I have made time for is the annual Christmas bake-a-thon with my friend, Alicia. It takes hours but we always end up with an entire kitchen table covered in sweet treats, fun. This time we took over her kitchen (which is so cute, along with the rest of her house and dogs) and used approximately SIX slabs of butter!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Getting in the spirit

Even though I have about a million things to do in any bit of spare time (don't you love this time of year?) I managed to get to two market-type events today. And it was such a lovely & sunny day, which made me feel slightly less guilty.

First up was the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar at the Swedish Church in Toorak, which I've been waiting all year for. It was super nice to again hear the lilting tones of Swedish speakers (and those of other Scandis) - such lovely sounding languages, even if I can't understand! And there was gravlax, of course, along with kanelbullar and other treats.

I dragged Jed along and he seemed kind of OK about that, although he did spend most of the time sitting around looking kind of bored while I looked at every single thing I could, including lovely Christmas decorations (above are a wood-cut snowflake, heart, leaf and moose from nordliving) and lollies and clogs.

On the way home, Jed deposited me at the Melbourne Design Market (he'd given up at that stage and could think of nothing better than lying on the couch). I spent way too much time at the Note Maker stand (the stationary obsession that started in childhood lives on), which is where I got the super cute Merry Christmas sign from (in the top photos). And how good are the ceramic bells below (argh, but forgot to take note who made them - sorry!) **UPDATE** Thanks to Lizzie who let met know that the bells are by Ingrid Tufts. Thanks, Lizzie!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


As a completely random aside, here are some snaps of me and my niece Lily, who has just started eating "real" food (if you call moosh food!) Such chubby cheeks, so cute! 

She loves reading (or at least books with bright colours) and even helps turn the pages of books (pretty amazing, I think, for someone who's only a few months old) so I've just bought her some books for Christmas, yay!

Harvest Textiles Xmas Market

Super excited to say I'll be at the Harvest Textiles Xmas market this month (eek, it's December now!) Yep, the Harvest peeps are now at their own space in Brunswick East, where they'll have screen printing classes and all sorts of goodies. Below and here are the details of the market, where there will be lots of lovely handcrafts and even ginger beer and homemade ice-cream for sale, gotta love that.

To launch the new Harvest Workroom we are throwing a xmas market. It's going to be a great chance to buy your loved ones unique presents and to support local makers. There will be craft, clothing, homewares, textiles and music stalls, as well as fun activities like "print your own wrapping paper" and craft activities for kids. Check out some of the makers and creators who will be there below.

Where: 512 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.
When : Sat 18th December 10-5pm.


It's been raining all the time in Melbourne. Goodbye drought! Summer? Bah! I've been thinking about raindrops forever, as they're so pretty, and here's my new fabric design featuring them. They're small (well, about 2cm high) which is something different for me (everything I usually do is so big, or so it seems to me). Now if only I could get the blue colour right...and maybe a grey? Watch this space!

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