Thursday, 31 January 2008


How nice is it to spend a whole day pottering around, listening to music and making things (and having cups of tea and flicking through books/magazines etc). Today I finally got time for earring- and jewellery-making. Have been trying a few combinations of hanging this from that with this or that, some of which I'm not 100% convinced of, but these earrings - the most simple and quick to make - are my favourites.

Also made a necklace out of some lovely heavy, chunky, wood-like rectangular beads, strung on a simple silver chain. It's an odd combination, and I'll possibly hate it tomorrow, but for now I'm happy.

Looking forward to seeing this guy perform tomorrow night (Rufus, that is), although secretly wish it was his sister...maybe she will be there too.)

Monday, 28 January 2008

More elephants & some earrings

Slowly more elephants are popping up around the place. This one's Alfie, to go to his new home tomorrow.

No time for much more fun stuff at the moment, except for a bit of jewellery making.

These earings are made with the old old old buttons I picked up a while back. They hang pretty freely as there's just a bit of wire holding them together, and I don't think they're too heavy, but will see how they go next time I'm riding on my bicycle in the wind - always a good test! Kinda like the hanging wire bits at the bottom but that'll have to go - too scratchy. Earrings are sooo hard to photograph well (like any small detailed thing, I guess) and the fact that this is the best shot is saying a lot, as they're kind of hard to see.

And oh how I want some of these - a Camilla Engman Chuck, brilliant - but are they available in Australia???

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Two-colour Nectarine

Looking at the cut nectarine of the previous post made me think of hearts, and with Valentine's Day coming up I thought about turning that into some sort of heart (not that I condone the overly syrupy-ness of V's D). As with many ideas that seem great at the time, that was hard to do, but instead it has morphed into an abstract two-colour pattern. Can you tell I'm really into simple graphics, often with no more than two colours?

I may also have gotten some round-about inspiration from one of the books that arrived for me in the post today (thanks to an Amazon voucher from my lovely sister). So much fun is ahead of me.

More Summer

So pretty I had to take snaps, oh how great summer fruit is. These are home grown and are sooo tasty - I'd forgotten how much nicer home grown is compared to stuff from the shops. And while they might not look pretty - uneven and blemished - they taste delicious. And the colours - amazing! I got given some plums, too, so might have to do some baking or stewing so they live on for a bit longer.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Wallpaper to share

Have had no time for hands-on crafty stuff lately as I've been tied to my computer, and what this means is lots of time on computer-based procrastination things, like playing around with desktop wallpaper. I like my wallpaper to be pretty simple, sparce and with only a colour or two - so it leaves lots of room for all the stuff stored on the desktop - and thought I'd share some that I made.

You can download whichever takes your fancy (the link takes you to a free hosting space where I'm storing them, as I just realised that I don't have a proper host at the moment.)

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Summer, summer

I have had so much summer sun lately it's a little obscene, but I'm not complaining - while swimming at the beach, swimming at a lake near the hills, while doing endless crosswords in the bush. And then there's watching the sun disappear for another day, while you're high in the hills. I feel rather spoilt as there's more to come - after a week or two where lots of days have been 40+ celsius, we're up for some more warm weather this week, and I'll ensure I'm in the ocean for a least some of it (shortly before another meal of fish and chips).

And the first batch of elephants I spoke of in my previous post (that was quite a while back - the year is already slipping by way too quickly!) are slowly being completed. Other than that I'm not getting much crafting done, mainly due to being on holiday! But that's all over now, full steam ahead I say.

And a little non-Summerish music joy today, brought to you by some current visitors to these (Melbourne) shores, Low. Such an amazing band. Looking forward to seeing them for the sixth time (or something like that).

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Merry New Year (and Christmas!)

Where did December go and how is it now 2-0-0-8? Crazy how fast time flies. But here it is, so...

Have just had an rather long unintentional computer/blogging/craft break after an overdose of all in the lead-up to Christmas (whew, handmade Christmas was exhausting! Made a bunch more things that I never got time to photograph, including tea towels - will have to make more!) but time to get back into it, I say. Starting with the first batch of elephants for all the babies who've arrived recently. Here are their ears -

And I'm looking forward to putting one of my Christmas presents through its paces - especially Fiona Dalton's Albert Monkey (monkeys are THE best animal!) and Carly Schwerdt's Beetle Bug - so cute!

And speaking of Christmas, here's just some of the baking a friend and I did in the lead up - no, we definitely didn't go overboard (and these photos don't show the huge batch of gingerbread) as it's all gone now!

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