Monday, 27 October 2008

Peg peg felt

After putting it off for what seems like forever, I can now say I've been to Winterwood, a lovely little shop out in Park Orchards (and near at least one lovely orchard). Putting it off as it seemed so far away (it's not THAT far) but definitely worth the trip - so much woolen felt, so much carved wooden goodness. It's all quite dangerous. And I also got a bag of wool stuffing, which I've been looking for for a while.

Above are some pegs I picked up, just like the ones we had when I was a kid (actually, I'm pretty sure my mum still has those). And I finally got the latest MixTape, which made for lovely reading in the afternoon sun (topped off with beer = heaven).

Friday, 24 October 2008

This morning

Not as cold as it looks but definitely dull and grey. And kinda nice looking.

And here is one of the many elephants that have been taking my time lately. The polka dot/type obsession continues. He's a keeper, I think.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Weekend love

Saturday morning walk.

More tomatoes, this time grown from seed in an egg carton. How exciting!

Cute Auntie Cookie shoes bought at the Sisters' Market in Brunswick. Lovely to finally meet Shannon after a few fabric swaps!

Friday, 10 October 2008

Fully Framed

You can almost barely see it, but below is a Julia Rothman print that I finally got framed (over a year after I bought it!) It's a screenprint of one of her illustrations, called Luxury Aparments. The tube it travelled to Australia in got semi-crushed - bad but not that bad that I wanted to replace it - and I think this is why I was a bit lacking in enthusiasm about the whole thing. But now it's up on the wall I love it. And there might just be some left in Julia's shop, under the handmade section.

Friday afternoon walk.
I walk past this all the time, but never noticed how amazing it is.

Last night's dinner.
Forgot to take a photo of the frittata this turned into.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday Morning Walk

Preceded by a strong coffee and followed by tea and toast.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tomato Love

It's well and truly spring here in Melbourne and with daylight saving starting last weekend, there's a different feeling in the air. And so walking through the CERES nursery, the tomato seedlings looked so inviting I just couldn't resist buying a couple. I live in hope that they'll prosper in pots on our balcony, without quite as much sun as they need.

I fall for the same trick each year, and think "Oh well, next year I'll have a backyard to plant tomatoes in. Maybe." You see, my boyfriend and I never planned living in our apartment for as long as we have, but time just slips by and here we are nearly four years later.

So hopefully they make it though the rough transition from small tub to pot, and hey, maybe in a few months we'll have lovely San Marzano tomatoes everywhere.

And speaking of spring things, there's now a second colourway in my new Enka Tea Towels - a spring-inspired red and pink.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Tea & Shoefly

What better way to start the working morning than with a cup of tea and a shoefly bun (the most amazing buns in the world - light but chewy with a heap of currants and tiny, tiny speckles of orange peel - in a good way, as I hate peel usually) from Babka. Picked up on the way back from a morning swim. Yes, it's most definitely spring.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tea Towel Love

I have a bit of a thing for tea towels. There are way too many in the kitchen drawer, and yet I always seem to be acquiring more. And when the Craft City Melbourne girls blogged about the CWA's collection at the Royal Melbourne Show, I was reminded of my tea towel love.

And now I've got some of my own. Yep, my first batch of tea towels. All done. OK, it's a small batch and in just the one colourway to begin with - a lovely charcoal & cyan combination - but I'm pretty excited. And I can already feel that a bigger batch in a pink & red colourway in the works.... And they're for sale in my (new & small) Etsy shop, if you'd like to go look.

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