Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tomato Love

It's well and truly spring here in Melbourne and with daylight saving starting last weekend, there's a different feeling in the air. And so walking through the CERES nursery, the tomato seedlings looked so inviting I just couldn't resist buying a couple. I live in hope that they'll prosper in pots on our balcony, without quite as much sun as they need.

I fall for the same trick each year, and think "Oh well, next year I'll have a backyard to plant tomatoes in. Maybe." You see, my boyfriend and I never planned living in our apartment for as long as we have, but time just slips by and here we are nearly four years later.

So hopefully they make it though the rough transition from small tub to pot, and hey, maybe in a few months we'll have lovely San Marzano tomatoes everywhere.

And speaking of spring things, there's now a second colourway in my new Enka Tea Towels - a spring-inspired red and pink.

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  1. Just noticed your new photos of the packaged tea towels - looks great!


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