Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Tea Towel Love

I have a bit of a thing for tea towels. There are way too many in the kitchen drawer, and yet I always seem to be acquiring more. And when the Craft City Melbourne girls blogged about the CWA's collection at the Royal Melbourne Show, I was reminded of my tea towel love.

And now I've got some of my own. Yep, my first batch of tea towels. All done. OK, it's a small batch and in just the one colourway to begin with - a lovely charcoal & cyan combination - but I'm pretty excited. And I can already feel that a bigger batch in a pink & red colourway in the works.... And they're for sale in my (new & small) Etsy shop, if you'd like to go look.


  1. Hi!

    Beautiful tea towels. I too have somewhat of an obsession with these!

    I'm getting married next fall, and my fiance and I are considering sending tea towels as our save-the-dates. I was just wondering what materials you used to do make the tea towels and do the printing. Do you think this is the kind of thing that could be done in a home studio with minimal room? My fiance studied printmaking in school, so skill isn't our worry, more of a space/time issue. Please let me know!


  2. Hi Kim

    What a great idea! And I think it's feasible, although can be quite time consuming and fiddly. But fun! Once you've got your design, you're half way there.

    So, basically you need a screen exposed with your design (you can do this yourself or outsource) and ink and tea towels (or fabric you then make into tea towels) and a squeegee and a few other things. And you don't need a heap of room, just a space that can get messy (ink = argh!).

    It can take quite a bit of practice to get it right but if your fiance has some experience you might be set. Or you could outsource to a local screenprinting co. if you're doing a heap of invites.

    Good luck! Let me know how you go.


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