Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Poppies

Ohh, someone has nominated me for The Poppies (awards run by the lovely folk at Poppytalk Handmade, whose market I took part in last year), in the Favourite Handmade Textiles section. How sweet and what an honour to be mentioned alongside Summersville, Skinny LaMinx and local heroes Ink & Spindle (and many others). Go and vote for your favourite (you get one vote per section) with polls open until 29 Jan. And it only takes a minute to do as you don't need to log in or do anything annoying like that.

Swedish love

I've just come back from a public holiday long weekend away full of beautiful summertime alpine scenery, relaxation, swimming and, believe it or not, Swedish treats! Yes, we discovered Å Skafferi, the sweetest little cafe/pantry/produce store. Now I'm planning a holiday to stay there (the accommodation looks amazing) so I can eat beetroot salad with walnuts and goats cheese everyday for lunch, yum!

Now I'd better go off and eat some lamingtons, pavlova, have a bbq, drink some beer and do other Australian things!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Typography in blue

Ohh, what a great lil' treasury ...

.. thanks for including me, Laura!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fully organised & inspired

Yay, my revitalised studio is now fully shelved and getting a bit organised! Very exciting to see shelves that aren't jam-packed full of stuff and so great to be able to get to stuff easily.

And here's an inspiration shot for you (today's Thursday already - sheesh, the weeks zip by so quickly) - old photo sleeves that form part of an exhibition at the Town Hall in Melbourne at the moment. They look so great!

Happy Thursday :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Getting organised

Well, it's not quite complete as the other batch of shelves required painting and are still drying (three coats later) but here is the first lot, set up and installed in my studio! They look better in my head than in this photo (bad light combined with piles of junk everywhere and just out of shot) but you get the idea. On the top shelf are my screens (yay, they have a home that's not the floor) and under that, inks and emulsion and assorted printy stuff. And all conveniently located right next to my printing/work bench. Can't wait to test it out next week.

Also out of shot is a massive amount of lavender, some of which comes from a recently visited lavender farm in the country. We stumbled upon the farm on the way to a far-away beach, during some time out of town last week. Yay for refreshing mini breaks that involve lavender, other people's cute houses and visiting old petrol stations.

And yay for random crafty stuff spotted around town. Below is a crocheted fence (or is it knitted?), spotted whilst walking to dinner tonight.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Summer cleaning

Found this photo from last year - a new-ish studio that's sparce and clean!

It's my inspiration to get the once-waterlogged-now-dry(ish) space back on track in that department, and also do some handy things like put up more shelves. Fun! Expect some updated photos next week (fingers crossed!) Yep, I'm hoping that the commitment I've just made here will make it happen in real life :)

Happy Monday.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Gone fishing

Or something like that, and somewhat belatedly.

Yep, I have disappeared off the radar but it was definitely time for an unplanned semi-break and some crossword-doing, berry picking, book reading, movie watching, whatever. But just quickly wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads this wee blog, buys my things and supports me in my crafty pursuits - it's been a blast so far.

Now for 2010...and the fabric that's ordered on the way, the new fabric that's just become available, some new ideas, travel plans and more - my brain's ticking into overdrive thinking about stuff, yay!

Now I'm back off to the beach :) OK, not exactly today but the snaps below are from the other day, when it was mid-high 30s and perfect for beach lying and fish and chip eating. Looking forward to more of that this week, assuming summer comes back (low 20s and showers today and the last couple of days - hello summer, where have you gone?!) Hope you get a bit of a break too :)

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