Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fully organised & inspired

Yay, my revitalised studio is now fully shelved and getting a bit organised! Very exciting to see shelves that aren't jam-packed full of stuff and so great to be able to get to stuff easily.

And here's an inspiration shot for you (today's Thursday already - sheesh, the weeks zip by so quickly) - old photo sleeves that form part of an exhibition at the Town Hall in Melbourne at the moment. They look so great!

Happy Thursday :)


  1. Oh wow, it's so cute!!! Much better than waterlogged hovel (is that what it was?)

  2. Nice one! Is that an Orla Kiely box on the shelf there?? And an ampersand mousepad? Both rad!

  3. Penny - a waterlogged hovel no more, I tells you :)

    and Tess - yup, you have a good eye my dear!

  4. talk about a relic of the past. i cringe every time I dig around and find old photos of myself in a kodak sleeve. apparently mustaches were in at some point


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