Saturday, 2 January 2010

Gone fishing

Or something like that, and somewhat belatedly.

Yep, I have disappeared off the radar but it was definitely time for an unplanned semi-break and some crossword-doing, berry picking, book reading, movie watching, whatever. But just quickly wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads this wee blog, buys my things and supports me in my crafty pursuits - it's been a blast so far.

Now for 2010...and the fabric that's ordered on the way, the new fabric that's just become available, some new ideas, travel plans and more - my brain's ticking into overdrive thinking about stuff, yay!

Now I'm back off to the beach :) OK, not exactly today but the snaps below are from the other day, when it was mid-high 30s and perfect for beach lying and fish and chip eating. Looking forward to more of that this week, assuming summer comes back (low 20s and showers today and the last couple of days - hello summer, where have you gone?!) Hope you get a bit of a break too :)

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  1. congrats on your successes in 2009. I'm sure you have even bigger things in store for you in the year ahead. Enjoy your break!


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