Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Crazy times

OK, so with my grand ambitions of markets and parties and general Christmas craziness, things did get missed along the a couple of those festive events I mentioned previously. Yep, I missed out on the party that ended up in a hot tub spa-y thing - jibbed (or not?!) And what was I doing instead? Swimming in the lake that our studios became late on Friday night, woo! Yes, a water main valve burst (or something like that) and water gushed through the building for hours (or at least an hour and a half). Not fun. Here's proof.

That's my floor as the water creeped in, slowly at first then it was a frenzy of flooding. Nice reflections of the furniture, you'll notice.

This is the hallway/kitchen and no, we don't have polished concrete floors.

I guess I was lucky to be there, else I'd not have been able to get everything off the floor. And I feel sorry for the peeps who weren't so lucky - the studio space has just doubled in size and a heap of people have only just moved in, poor things.

Anyway, after what turned into a quite late night, I wasn't too enthusiastic about getting up on Saturday morning to head to Market 3031. But as things go, it turned out to be the best day - we were right outside Kensington Station and soooo many people came past and were sooo friendly and it was a great day. Here's my stall, although this photo hardly captures the frenzy of the market, just a quiet moment!

Now just one market to go - Rose Street this Sunday - and then everything stops (well, almost). Phew for that! Now I'd better get some gift shopping in while I have a moment...


  1. I had a stall at market 3031 too! I was trying to get over to say hello but I was busy all day - good but it was a bit frantic.

    Glad to hear you had a busy day as well

  2. Oh no! Lucky you were there!

    On a brighter note, though - how good would polished floors look!!

  3. I'm sooooo glad my markets are done! Good luck on Sunday.

  4. oh dear! so lucky you were there! at least it makes for some unscheduled spring cleaning i guess. hope you have recovered from all the water and markets now, and have a great xmas and new year!

  5. ah im sorry for your flooded situation!
    it happend to me twice in my apt in chicago, that was horror.

    im glad you like your towels. :)
    thank you!

  6. Oh nooo!! It looks worse than I could imagine and you were so calm when we saw you in the morning.

    It was lovely seeing you again, I hope things have settled down for you now and the studio is taking on a form of it's former self, sans water!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic, creative and happy 2010!!!

    P.S. (Brooke loved her sausage dog pillowcase) : )


Nice to hear from you!

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