Tuesday, 1 December 2009

OK, argh!

Argh! Yes! But no time to go actually crazy - that would take too much time! Just time to grin and bear it and keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best, as this year is now in hyperdrive and I think I've committed to doing TOO MUCH. Argh! Again!

I know it's only Tuesday, but Saturday will be here before you know it and that means I'll be at my first ever Yarraville Market - a special Christmas Market, no less. Think I'm going to be joined by lots of lovely folk and it'll be quite fun, and hopefully I can get some shopping in, too. Here's the skinny.

Sunday's also a market day - Rose Street. I was there this last Sunday and it was busy (well, except for the part where it poured with rain) and I nearly sold out of my new 'T' Towel in red. Yep, red. More on that soon. And more on other fun things, like new stockists. But not now. Now is time for sleep - another 14 hour day tomorrow, and that's before I've even got any crafting in!


  1. Cool, Ill be there also. We can sign language each other.

  2. Focus on a day, the day when you won't have so much to do, and then just go hard until that day!! It works (sometimes, unless that day is never, or perhaps more than about 6 weeks away).

    My day is Dec 13.

    Until then, I concur with your 'arrgggh'!


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