Friday, 29 October 2010

Six months ago today...

..I were in Budapest and it was early spring (as it is here in Melbourne now.) But six months ago I did a lot of stuff, as opposed to today when I didn't do very much (hello bookkeeping.)

The day six months ago involved an early start, thermal baths, long walks, looking at lots of amazing old buildings, real and pretend flowers and then quite a few beers and what I thought was the best burger ever. I thought it was so good I had to take a photo of it. Looking at that photo now, I'm pretty sure it wasn't that great!

Happy weekend :)

Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Creative Space...

It was so fun last week, I'm back this week to share My Creative Space (thanks to Kootoyoo : )

Photos are what it's about today. For me, product photos can be a lot about GRRR! and not much about AHHH! And unfortunately, I really don't have any tips beyond *use natural light (but not too much of it)* and *take a crap load of photos and maybe one will be good*. Yep, all that time in the darkroom at uni has been forgotten, it would seem. But maybe one day I'll rig up some cool photo-taking box thingo and take perfect photos every time. Maybe.

Anyway, here's my newest design, and one of the few photos of it that I'm happy with. Taken near a window on a non-overcast day. In case you can't guess, those are moustaches. And it is called The Mo' Towel, as might be obvious from my previous post, and is now officially launched. Happy Thursday.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Friday, 22 October 2010

Keeping me company this week... Sailor. He doesn't say much but he is the best company. He was a gift from the lovely Sandra when I met up with her in Sweden (& is designed made by her equally lovely husband Johan) and is much treasured.

**UPDATE** Looks like Johan's just put some sailors in his shop, yay! And here's Sandra's post about Johan and Sailors from today!

It was great being surrounded by amazing people when I was working from my old studio, and I surely miss them all a lot, but it's also kind of nice working from home. Especially when you're trying to fit a bunch of different work-type things together, as I tend to prefer, and have random amounts of time to work on whatever project before running out the door to go somewhere else. Lucky for me Sailor is the strong, silent type who listens to my woes and is a general good guy, otherwise I'd be in trouble.

OK, we're going to go and have a beer now. It's the weekend :)

Thursday, 21 October 2010

My Creative Space... messy, no matter what angle you look at it from.

As mentioned in another post from today (three posts in a day from me...some sort of record), I'm not getting too far in anything I'm doing today or this week. But I'm hoping to go to the post office before the day is done, and then at least I'll have achieved something. Oh, and I'm cooking this for dinner and seeing one of my favourite bands after that, so that's three things for the day, woot :)

Australian screen printed textiles/designers

Wow, look at Amy's post on Australian screen printed textiles/designers - that's an impressive list (over 20 different groups) and I'm humbled to be included. I had no idea there was so many amazing designs and designers out there! Great idea, now it's time to go shopping :) Oh, and how great is Amy's blog and photos?

Umbrella Prints are in the list and make the most lovely fabrics, so good!

This week & last

Lately it feels like I've been doing lots of running around, but not getting much actually done. Some weeks are just like that I guess. Here are some photos from moments I got to stop for a bit.

Oh, and the last is of a friend's wallpapered wall, which I LOVE. That's one for the inspiration file, for sure. It's available to buy here. Lucky I don't have a wall to put it on :)

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Naomi Murrell Print Heaven

As I mentioned a little while back, Jed and I recently celebrated our 10th anniversary (Really, 10 years? Where did that time go? Seriously still can't believe as it zipped by so fast!) Aanyway, as well as having a little getaway and eating delicious food, I thought it would be nice to get a little something to mark the occasion. And when I saw this from Naomi Murrell, I knew I'd found that little something. It's a gorgeous screen print, and it now sits in our living room. Thanks, Naomi, for making such beautiful things :)

A new week

Whew! It's taken me a few days to get over the amazing thing that was the Finders Keepers Melbourne market. And to clean up the mess I created while getting ready for it - that took forever :) 

The brief summary: amazing! As a stallholder, it's not often that I love standing on my feet all day, but I was actually sad when this market was over. And it went for two days - that's a lot of standing around.

And there were sooo many lovely visitors and friendly faces! Firstly, my stallmates Emma and Penny. They are the best and were always there when I needed someone to buy me fries from Beatbox Kitchen or to mind my stall while I get coffees or go and buy a bunch of things. Here we are, smiling like crazy people.

L-R Emma, Susan and Penny smiling a bit too much. I took this photo...can you tell?!

And there were so many other stallholders that I knew from all sorts of places, or got to meet. Hi! And the visitors...I won't try and list them all as I'll forget someone, but it was lovely to put a face to the name in the case of Tiel (of Tsk Tsk) & Dawn (of Handmadelove) and see Angela (of Three Buttons) and Frank and meet the gorgeous sleeping Luka, who looked so tiny and soo cute! And Captain KK's newbie was sleeping, which means she got some shopping in I hope. Yep, there were a lot of cool babies doing some shopping too. Here is a snap of the massive shed during down time, and of my stall below that.

So FK was fun to sell stuff at, but also buy stuff at, oh yes. Here's my booty, which I rushed around and picked up/swapped at the very end. Could have got a whole lot more but there really was just too much to see and too little time. Next time, next time...

Purchases: Cards and a book and bunting and a softie cupcake and more, fun! Thanks Pocket CarnivalBenconservato and Lark!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New new new

OK, so the Finders Keepers Market is on this weekend. Which means I'm busy preparing! But thought I'd show a couple of new things that I'll have there. And just realised I still don't have a photo of my my new, yet-to-be-released tea towel. Forgot, but will do soon. And if you visit the market, do come say hi :)

Finders Keepers Market
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October 2010
10:00am to 5:00pm
Shed 4, Victoria Harbour, North Wharf Road, Docklands

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