Thursday, 28 October 2010

My Creative Space...

It was so fun last week, I'm back this week to share My Creative Space (thanks to Kootoyoo : )

Photos are what it's about today. For me, product photos can be a lot about GRRR! and not much about AHHH! And unfortunately, I really don't have any tips beyond *use natural light (but not too much of it)* and *take a crap load of photos and maybe one will be good*. Yep, all that time in the darkroom at uni has been forgotten, it would seem. But maybe one day I'll rig up some cool photo-taking box thingo and take perfect photos every time. Maybe.

Anyway, here's my newest design, and one of the few photos of it that I'm happy with. Taken near a window on a non-overcast day. In case you can't guess, those are moustaches. And it is called The Mo' Towel, as might be obvious from my previous post, and is now officially launched. Happy Thursday.


  1. mmmm swirley goodness. What is this natural light you speak of? I need some shine up here...then again getting my blog-jo at 10 at night never helps with photographs ;)


  2. thanks for popping in to our blogland. i barely got a chance to wander around finders keepers but did admire your gorgeous wares from afar as i raced into the city to fetch us some coffees!
    love the moustachioes!
    how difficult is it to take pics of tea towels? the flatness makes them very challenging...


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