Friday, 28 November 2008

They were seeds...

And now they're plants! Tomato plants! I can't believe they grew, actually, given the lack of sunlight they receive on our south-facing balcony. But here they are - firstly uprooted from their first home - a pot they were accidentally dropped into (above top) and in their new, more spacious homes (well, one of them, above bottom).

Summer, you surely are not too far away.

And very excited about making one of these Ashley G houses - so cute!

Image copyright Ashley G, via Kitty Genius

Monday, 10 November 2008


Well, the market was fun, and it's done, whew. It wasn't tiring as such, but I slept 11 hours after it, due to the lack of sleep I had before it (no matter how organised I think I am, there's always more to do). And of course you learn, learn, learn as soon as you make yourself do something. Like, um, don't bring along a thousand props just in case you need a wooden box or 4 to set things up in/around. No, you just need your stuff - really, it's enough. And maybe you need a patchwork table cloth that you happened to have made on the morning of the market stall. Yes, it was that tight.

Here are some (not very good, but you get the idea) photos.

And look at the lovely stall that was just behind. Sooo lovely! Look at that Bambi-ish deer (close up below)! Ohhh :) It was run by Jules, who's also got a sweet little shop in North Fitzroy, called Poppet. Awww.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Today I had my first nectarine of the season - so good! And in even more exciting firsts news, my first market stall is coming up, and very soon. It's at Craft Hatch market (organised by Craft Victoria), will be at the City Library in Melbourne and is on this Saturday. Yes, it's another market, but has a special focus - it's described by CV as "an incubator market for student and emerging craft designers." This Saturday's market is the first of three for the summer.

I've been madly running around in the last week or so trying to get things sorted, and it's coming together, I think. The packaging part can take almost as much organising/time as the actual things you're selling, but is fun to do and makes such a big difference in getting things looking 'together' and 'proper'. Still not quite sure how I'll fix the stall/display up but have been gathering props and ideas and have my fingers crossed it'll all sort out.

And here are some of the things I'll be selling - yes, that's a line-up of tea towels.

And here are the details:

Craft Hatch market
@ City Library, 253 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Saturday 8th November
11am - 4pm

If you're in the area drop by and say hi :)

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