Friday, 28 November 2008

They were seeds...

And now they're plants! Tomato plants! I can't believe they grew, actually, given the lack of sunlight they receive on our south-facing balcony. But here they are - firstly uprooted from their first home - a pot they were accidentally dropped into (above top) and in their new, more spacious homes (well, one of them, above bottom).

Summer, you surely are not too far away.

And very excited about making one of these Ashley G houses - so cute!

Image copyright Ashley G, via Kitty Genius

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  1. Awesome! I heart Ashley G. I bought her Hello April print on etsy a ways back.... v lovely.
    Anyway thanks again Susan for coming to visit us at Market3031 (and braving the weather - bah!). You should definitely have a stall at the next one!


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