Friday, 30 October 2009

A fury of bunting making

In a crafting fury (in a good way :), this week I felt inspired to finally make the bunting I'd been meaning to make for about a year. It's non-triangular (for some reason I wanted square, not sure why) but I like it so far.

In other crafting fury news, here are the latest elephants I've been making, one for a wee baby born very recently and the rest for the upcoming Sisters' Market I'm doing, called the Teeny Tiny kids' market, which is on Saturday November 7 at the Brunswick Town Hall (233 Sydney Road, Brunswick). Should be fun, and I'll have lots of lovely neighbours including Printspace, Metremaid, Lark and lots more.

Inspiration Thursday (on a Friday)

It was really sunny and lovely the other day (as opposed to today - rainy and humid and a bit ick) and the colours looked amazing as I was walking down the street.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Le Petit Chien

Isn't it funny how you start out with an idea about something, and then you sit down to figure the idea out properly and then it turns into something else completely(ish)?

Anyway, this morning I sat down to draw a really simple red outline of a sausage dog, with the possibility of it being a pillowcase cover (the pooch pillowcase cover contines...this is not the first or second but third). And then it turns into a non-red, two colour, non-outline Frenchy pooch. Anyway, not sure if this will turn into a real pillowcase cover, due to boring technical issues to do with high thread count & bleeding paint, but we'll see. Maybe a cushion cover?

Oh, and the idea is dedicated to Oscar the miniature Dachshund I met in the park the other day. He's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen, actually, and reinforces the fact that I *really* need a miniature Dachshund. One day...

Cutest thing ever

Photos from Yellow Owl Workshop

Are they not? I love you, Yellow Owl Workshop.

(Found via Distillate)

Thursday, 22 October 2009


In other news, as of the start of this week I'm participating in the Poppytalk Handmade Market, (an online market - sure beats hauling stuff around town!) which goes for a month. The theme this month is Indie Love, yay for indie design/crafty stuff.

It's quite an honour to be hanging out near such amazing folk, including Beehive Kitchenware, Hazel & Hunter, Inklore Design, Jewel Weeds, KG & AB, Matte Stephens, Repeat, Mummy Sam, Yasha Butler and sooo many more. I'm gonna go shopping right now... Oh, and here's my stall, featuring a couple of new things, and there's more new stuff in my Etsy shop, including baby vests, hair ties, cushions and more soon!

And here's a sneak-peak of some of the things I've been printing...corgi pillowcases, fun!

And cork coasters!

Inspiration Thursday

Hello blog, long time no see.

Can't believe it's a week since last Thursday, where I was too busy printing and running around to post some inspiration. And feel like I haven't had a chance since then to sit down at the computer and do something fun, boo hoo.

Anyway, what I would have posted last Thursday if I had time is this -

Yep, some weeds by the railway line. And something I think I ate the week before. Yep - ate. In a fancy restaurant, no less, choice of my foodie-stuff loving manfriend (thanks to Shannon for this appropriate description). In case you were wondering, yep they were tasty - even more so than when I used to eat such things in kindergarten (which I have distinct memories of, mmm!)

Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's a T bag

Yep, not only is there a T towel, now there's a T bag, too, thanks to a wee collaboration with Matt of Mattt. The limited edition bag features charcoal ink Ts on grey denim (ie: perfect for those who like muted colours!) and is only available in Matt's shop or the markets he's attending. I was at Rose St last Saturday to visit a friend and saw one of them in amongst all the other bags, which was quite cool (forgot to take a snap tho, so stole this one from Matt!)

And in other collaboration news, some of my Volker Haug cushions (ie: cushions screen printed with Volker Haug's lights) are now stocked in Tongue and Groove in Collingwood. I haven't been to the new shop/studio, which is now off Smith Street (I think...though their website's yet to be updated) but loooved the old Smith Street store, so can't wait to drop by. Oh, and the cushions come in four different designs, as shown in the photos above, and in medium and large sizes.

And note the use of black and grey, rather than my usual rather bright colour must be a boy thing.

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