Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Le Petit Chien

Isn't it funny how you start out with an idea about something, and then you sit down to figure the idea out properly and then it turns into something else completely(ish)?

Anyway, this morning I sat down to draw a really simple red outline of a sausage dog, with the possibility of it being a pillowcase cover (the pooch pillowcase cover contines...this is not the first or second but third). And then it turns into a non-red, two colour, non-outline Frenchy pooch. Anyway, not sure if this will turn into a real pillowcase cover, due to boring technical issues to do with high thread count & bleeding paint, but we'll see. Maybe a cushion cover?

Oh, and the idea is dedicated to Oscar the miniature Dachshund I met in the park the other day. He's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen, actually, and reinforces the fact that I *really* need a miniature Dachshund. One day...


  1. This is really lovely - mini dachshund's are gorgeous and such kind little dogs.

  2. Me too, me too I really need a miniature sausage dog too!!!

    I love your drawing, set of pillow cases with sauso's facing each other would be too cute! But also a cushion cover!

    Hope to see you on Saturday at market 3031 : )

  3. I love the simple lines in that doggie! I would love a mini dachshund as well, but (sorry if I sound preachy) please do have a look in your local dog refuge! There are just so many lovely dogs who are still looking for owners... (which is how I ended up with four dogs...)


Nice to hear from you!

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