Thursday, 22 October 2009


In other news, as of the start of this week I'm participating in the Poppytalk Handmade Market, (an online market - sure beats hauling stuff around town!) which goes for a month. The theme this month is Indie Love, yay for indie design/crafty stuff.

It's quite an honour to be hanging out near such amazing folk, including Beehive Kitchenware, Hazel & Hunter, Inklore Design, Jewel Weeds, KG & AB, Matte Stephens, Repeat, Mummy Sam, Yasha Butler and sooo many more. I'm gonna go shopping right now... Oh, and here's my stall, featuring a couple of new things, and there's more new stuff in my Etsy shop, including baby vests, hair ties, cushions and more soon!

And here's a sneak-peak of some of the things I've been printing...corgi pillowcases, fun!

And cork coasters!


  1. love the new things.... and so cool to be a part of poppytalk - your stall looks fab!
    see you at sisters market in a couple of weeks! xx

  2. Those coasters look like a big puzzle. A great conversation starter :)


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