Thursday, 8 October 2009

It's a T bag

Yep, not only is there a T towel, now there's a T bag, too, thanks to a wee collaboration with Matt of Mattt. The limited edition bag features charcoal ink Ts on grey denim (ie: perfect for those who like muted colours!) and is only available in Matt's shop or the markets he's attending. I was at Rose St last Saturday to visit a friend and saw one of them in amongst all the other bags, which was quite cool (forgot to take a snap tho, so stole this one from Matt!)

And in other collaboration news, some of my Volker Haug cushions (ie: cushions screen printed with Volker Haug's lights) are now stocked in Tongue and Groove in Collingwood. I haven't been to the new shop/studio, which is now off Smith Street (I think...though their website's yet to be updated) but loooved the old Smith Street store, so can't wait to drop by. Oh, and the cushions come in four different designs, as shown in the photos above, and in medium and large sizes.

And note the use of black and grey, rather than my usual rather bright colour must be a boy thing.


  1. The bag looks fabulous! Well done!

  2. T-bag rocks... when can we expect the other 25 letters of the alphabet? :)

  3. Tess - when they start being a delicious beverage. Har ho.

    Thanks for saying nice things peeps :)

  4. hi there, just wanted to let you know that Akzidenz this week is my choice for the Sunday Stash on flickr - i love that fabric!!


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