Thursday, 22 October 2009

Inspiration Thursday

Hello blog, long time no see.

Can't believe it's a week since last Thursday, where I was too busy printing and running around to post some inspiration. And feel like I haven't had a chance since then to sit down at the computer and do something fun, boo hoo.

Anyway, what I would have posted last Thursday if I had time is this -

Yep, some weeds by the railway line. And something I think I ate the week before. Yep - ate. In a fancy restaurant, no less, choice of my foodie-stuff loving manfriend (thanks to Shannon for this appropriate description). In case you were wondering, yep they were tasty - even more so than when I used to eat such things in kindergarten (which I have distinct memories of, mmm!)


  1. Hmmm - pretty and tasty - who knew! Looking forward to being a studio neighbour soon - I will be in No. 25 - can't wait!


Nice to hear from you!

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