Thursday, 14 October 2010

A new week

Whew! It's taken me a few days to get over the amazing thing that was the Finders Keepers Melbourne market. And to clean up the mess I created while getting ready for it - that took forever :) 

The brief summary: amazing! As a stallholder, it's not often that I love standing on my feet all day, but I was actually sad when this market was over. And it went for two days - that's a lot of standing around.

And there were sooo many lovely visitors and friendly faces! Firstly, my stallmates Emma and Penny. They are the best and were always there when I needed someone to buy me fries from Beatbox Kitchen or to mind my stall while I get coffees or go and buy a bunch of things. Here we are, smiling like crazy people.

L-R Emma, Susan and Penny smiling a bit too much. I took this photo...can you tell?!

And there were so many other stallholders that I knew from all sorts of places, or got to meet. Hi! And the visitors...I won't try and list them all as I'll forget someone, but it was lovely to put a face to the name in the case of Tiel (of Tsk Tsk) & Dawn (of Handmadelove) and see Angela (of Three Buttons) and Frank and meet the gorgeous sleeping Luka, who looked so tiny and soo cute! And Captain KK's newbie was sleeping, which means she got some shopping in I hope. Yep, there were a lot of cool babies doing some shopping too. Here is a snap of the massive shed during down time, and of my stall below that.

So FK was fun to sell stuff at, but also buy stuff at, oh yes. Here's my booty, which I rushed around and picked up/swapped at the very end. Could have got a whole lot more but there really was just too much to see and too little time. Next time, next time...

Purchases: Cards and a book and bunting and a softie cupcake and more, fun! Thanks Pocket CarnivalBenconservato and Lark!

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