Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Merry New Year (and Christmas!)

Where did December go and how is it now 2-0-0-8? Crazy how fast time flies. But here it is, so...

Have just had an rather long unintentional computer/blogging/craft break after an overdose of all in the lead-up to Christmas (whew, handmade Christmas was exhausting! Made a bunch more things that I never got time to photograph, including tea towels - will have to make more!) but time to get back into it, I say. Starting with the first batch of elephants for all the babies who've arrived recently. Here are their ears -

And I'm looking forward to putting one of my Christmas presents through its paces - especially Fiona Dalton's Albert Monkey (monkeys are THE best animal!) and Carly Schwerdt's Beetle Bug - so cute!

And speaking of Christmas, here's just some of the baking a friend and I did in the lead up - no, we definitely didn't go overboard (and these photos don't show the huge batch of gingerbread) as it's all gone now!

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