Sunday, 13 January 2008

Summer, summer

I have had so much summer sun lately it's a little obscene, but I'm not complaining - while swimming at the beach, swimming at a lake near the hills, while doing endless crosswords in the bush. And then there's watching the sun disappear for another day, while you're high in the hills. I feel rather spoilt as there's more to come - after a week or two where lots of days have been 40+ celsius, we're up for some more warm weather this week, and I'll ensure I'm in the ocean for a least some of it (shortly before another meal of fish and chips).

And the first batch of elephants I spoke of in my previous post (that was quite a while back - the year is already slipping by way too quickly!) are slowly being completed. Other than that I'm not getting much crafting done, mainly due to being on holiday! But that's all over now, full steam ahead I say.

And a little non-Summerish music joy today, brought to you by some current visitors to these (Melbourne) shores, Low. Such an amazing band. Looking forward to seeing them for the sixth time (or something like that).

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