Monday, 28 January 2008

More elephants & some earrings

Slowly more elephants are popping up around the place. This one's Alfie, to go to his new home tomorrow.

No time for much more fun stuff at the moment, except for a bit of jewellery making.

These earings are made with the old old old buttons I picked up a while back. They hang pretty freely as there's just a bit of wire holding them together, and I don't think they're too heavy, but will see how they go next time I'm riding on my bicycle in the wind - always a good test! Kinda like the hanging wire bits at the bottom but that'll have to go - too scratchy. Earrings are sooo hard to photograph well (like any small detailed thing, I guess) and the fact that this is the best shot is saying a lot, as they're kind of hard to see.

And oh how I want some of these - a Camilla Engman Chuck, brilliant - but are they available in Australia???

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