Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Mikes Mirabel Softies & Elephants

Look what I discovered today -

Yes, the softies for Mirabel have been 'installed' and look so great. I was only outside the shop for a couple of minutes, and EVERYONE walking past stopped to look an oh-ed and ah-ed. So impressive and great to have been a part of. Good one Pip! And they'll be there for just one week before heading to their new homes. And there are more photos here and here.

And I got through another batch of elephants today. Well, almost. They still need to be stuffed and stitched up, but nearly there. Whew. Some are bound for Mikes soon, and some for the many babies that I know who've been born lately.

And a find for today -

Not a bad find, all for $1 at Industria in Fitzroy. Like everything from Industria, these have an untold history - they're not shiny new buttons but seem to be used and a little scuffed. They're all the same otherwise - utilitarian and puposeful-looking.

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