Friday, 30 November 2007

Design Market & Stitching

Yes, the Design Market (no longer the ReadyMade Market, possibly because of my favourite magazine) is back on Sunday (Fed Sq carpark) and I am hoping to get there early so it won't be so crowded (this plan never works as everyone else has the same idea!) Oh well, should be fun for some pre-Christmas shopping & getting out early on a Sunday morning.

And no, the photo above is not an indication of what it is like in Melbourne at the moment - it was taken pre-name change in winter last year, hence the grey sky. That seems a long way from today's 28 or 29 degree heat.

And on Sunday night I'm going to my first stitching night at Mikes - should be exciting. Rather than go for some cutesy thing (which was tempting), my stitching will be of a light pole and electricity wires (I made a line drawing from a photo I took). Yes, definitely not cutesy but the kind of thing I find interesting to look at.

Whether it works for stitching is another thing, but there's only one way to find out. Not sure how many colours to use but think I'll stick to just a couple. Can't wait, bring on the cupcakes.

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