Friday, 16 November 2007

Wonky Ladies

I got my ears re-pierced a little while back but then when I went out hunting for earings I found it hard to find any that I particularly liked. So, for something different I tried making some earings the other day.

The front & right hand side ones are studs with cameo ladies (peach & white and black & white). Off to the left are some that are slightly more complicated - some really nice black beads (that are heavy and shiny and almost glass-like and non-uniform and quite interesting) that hang from hook earings.

After a bit of testing, including different glue (next time I'll go straight to the superglue, but will be more wary of NOT sticking my fingers together!) and getting the wire bent in the right way, I had a heap of new earings to chose from (there are lots more different ones too). Fun and very practical! Think I might invest in some needle nose pliers next...

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