Friday, 9 November 2007

Draught crazy

Have just completed a new batch of draught stoppers following requests from friends (and friends of friends). They take a bit of fiddling around to get the inserts to fit the covers snugly, but I got there in the end (I also made inserts - which are filled with rice - then the covers, so the covers can be washed). My main reason for making them in the first place is that I wanted something that can easily be stowed away, so they needed to have a sturdy hang tag (the bit sticking out at the end!).

After the first attempt with just the one fabric (the top in the second snap) I decided to play around a bit with mixing up fabrics, and sacrificed the excellent Kirin Notebook Birch, which I'd yet to find a use for.
The other (top) part is made with some offcuts of my 'Akzidenz' screen printed fabric (in pale blue).

I love the Birch fabric and am glad I got to use the full length of it - you can only fully appreciate it when you see the full length. Am not 100% convinced my fabric 'matches' the birch, but it will have to do now!Am now looking forward to my next project ... but will this chunky felt be best put to use as a laptop cover (sturdy) or some slippers (chunky and soft)?


  1. Schnu! Onya for getting in touch on flickr..great to hear from you again. Your photos are excellent, highlighting pattern in the urban wallpaper. The new designs and handmades look fantastic. Send our love to your big fella too. Shout out from the westside... BO!

  2. love the birch fabric used this way, looks like it was made for the task!love that thick felt, i have some super thick orange nepalise felt just waiting for the right project!


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