Friday, 8 August 2008

Three things

Reading Fiona's post last night about three things that made her happy this week, I was inspired to write my own list. Yes, I'm definitely letting things slip by without fully appreciating them, and it's time to rectify that. Here goes.

One. The Sun. Yes, the Melbourne winter's coming to an end, it's actually warm outside and I can ride around town without gloves, thick tights and a jacket zipped all the way up to my ears. After what feels like the coldest winter we've had in a few years, the end finally seems in sight. And walking down the street today and seeing this orange tree (?) made me rather happy at the thought of summer punch etc etc.

Two. Baking and eating a delicious cake this afternoon, on my first day off after working six days in a row. And I've got tomorrow off, too. Yay.

Three. Finally seeing my first fully fledged freelance graphic design project printed. (OK, it's not actually the first, but the first where I've been in full control and treated it like a proper business!) Yep, I didn't go to some office and do work for someone else, this time I got to set the agenda between myself and my client. And they were happy in the end, and it didn't stuff up! Hooray indeed.

And here's where I pretend I'm not cheating by trying to slip a fourth one in. On no, that's not cheating - it's not a fourth, it's an honourable metion. And it goes to David Stratton and his autobiography I Peed on Fellini, which I'm finally getting around to reading, and am loving. I've watched The Movie Show (the original version, RIP)/At The Movies for 16 or 17 years (minus two where I was overseas) and will never tire of watching David & Margaret's insightful reviews, on-screen banter and the little debates that arise from the fact that they often have such wildly different opinions of films. And it's so interesting reading about how David started out with nothing more than a passion (OK, obsession) for film and channeled that energy into creating a varied and unique career for himself. Go David! What an inspiration.

Whew, OK, the end. That's probably the longest post I've written!


  1. love reading your list.the pic of the orange tree makes me feel warm even though its about -2 tonight.

  2. Thankyou for playing! That cake does look delicious (I probably would have been tempted to eat the whole thing!) Oh, and I heard David Stratton talking about his book on radio national one morning recently and it sounded so good. He's so charming. Thanks for reminding me about it.


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