Monday, 22 March 2010

It's not so bad

OK, so it's been a while between posts. And that may or may not have something to do with the rain that I mentioned in my last post. Rain! No, it was more extreme freaky loud hail storm that is now causing quite a headache for insurers. Anyway, let's just say I've spent a lot of time mopping up and squeezing things out in the studio, along with moving my miraculously untouched books/electrical equipment out of the waterlogged region and into my now-full-of-stuff apartment. Yep, crafty things are vying for space and trying to squeeze Jed's bikes OUT of the living room.

Luckily I've got other exciting things to think about. Like Sweden. Did I mention that I'm going to Sweden? And Bosnia, as you do, with a stopover or two in London. In two weeks. For nearly two months. Eek! It's been forever since we've been on a proper holiday, so we figured now is as good as time as any. And heck, as I mentioned a while back, I surely do deserve a pair of Swedish clogs (or two), right? And it totally makes sense to go there to get them. Definitely.

So that's what's news here. Happy Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear about your very wet studio. Your holiday sounds amazing - Enjoy!

  2. Have fun on your holiday! It sounds like after the weather you've had to put up with, you certainly deserve one! =)

  3. Good luck with the big squeeze! I have spent the week rearranging and squashing everything in to our little house! Nic

  4. Thanks guys, yep, so excited about the holiday I can't think straight :)


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