Sunday, 11 April 2010

Hello from London!

It feels like forever since I've looked at my wee blog, and that's because it has been forever. I really really was going to say something last week, and the week before, but of course preparing for a holiday means there are a million more important things to do. And now that I'm on holiday, there are a million more things to do and see and look at and a computer is not one of those things. Except this afternoon when I feel like catching up.

Me smiling my head off, next to the Serpentine. Note my new bag - Mattt's bag with my T print - it's perfect for traveling as is so sturdy, good one Matt :)

London is so amazing - huge and old and beautiful. And although it was raining and freezing when we first got here, since then it's been sunny and warm(ish). So I've walked about 100km a day, photographing everything in sight and have checked lots of to-dos off my list - Liberty, Muji, Cath Kidston, Orla Kiely, Skandium (see below photo. I nearly cried when I went inside, it's sooo amazing. God help me when I actually get to Sweden!). I've also eaten amazing food and had many great espressos (they didn't seem to exist the last time I was here). Oh, and have been to a museum or four and seen Big Ben and all the usual stuff.

Tomorrow is another day and we'll be in another country (Croatia, en route to Bosnia), can't wait. Bye for now!


  1. oh muchos excitement!

    and there I was counting that youd be at the nancy bird CWC talk....

  2. Lucky, lucky girl! Have a wonderful time (as if I need to say that) - thanks for sharing! Nic x

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  4. sounds like fun! I'm going back to london in July and I can't wait.. I've only ever been with boys before and now I'm going with my mum so we've also got a lot of shops to tick off!


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