Thursday, 16 June 2011

Winter Orchard and Apple Love

It's certainly winter time here in the Southern Hemisphere. The other day I went to my favourite orchard to buy some apples, my favourite fruit, before they disappear and this is what I saw - fog in the afternoon. It did clear not long after but brrr, it was cold.

To celebrate my apple love I've also been drawing them. This is something I've done a lot of in the past but have never been happy with the result. This time I made myself persist (something that I can be either really good at or really bad at) and then I stepped away and did something else. When I went back to my desk a little while later, with refreshed eyes, I changed a couple of things and then really quickly had my new tea towel design. Here's a sneak-peak of a corner of it, and its paper-based inception.


  1. The fog is beautiful. I almost wish it was winter here. We are burning up in South Carolina! I look forward to seeing the final result with the apples.

  2. I am loving this Melbourne fog this year :)Not so much to cold... but the fog is totally dreamy :)


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