Friday, 22 June 2012

Gosh, it's June?

Really, June. How did that happen?

I've been too busy lately, doing boring yet necessary stuff. I guess that's life, but what it means is there hasn't been much time for fun stuff. Hopefully that's going to change now that I'm organised and ready to take on 2012, halfway through it.

What has been going on?

Moving to a bigger place took a lot of time but was worth it. I miss our old flat (it was so well insulated and warm. Houses are cold, I forgot that. When I say cold I mean freezing!) but we now have a garden and a big stove and there's been cooking and planting happening. And our new west-side neighbourhood is friendly and super cute.

And here's a little something we picked up from the Lost Dogs Home. He's a spoodle (part poodle, part spaniel) and is called Benny. He's made himself quite at home. Jed and I have wanted a dog forever, and have talked about getting one since coming back from living overseas many years ago, so it's rather exciting to finally have one.

And there's space for me to work from home, which surely beats trying to fit all my equipment and stuff into the aforementioned flat, which was one bedroom. There were a few hiccups in setting my studio up, including not being able to fit my amazing custom workbench through the door, but nothing a problem-solving father and hacksaw couldn't fix. 

Oh, and I was in the paper a few weeks ago. Lucky it happened while newspapers still exist, right? 

Now to get onto work again. There are many design ideas swirling through my head and things that need reprinting, so better get onto it...and hopefully it won't be another four months between posts.

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  1. How exciting to have a whole new space to create in... looks great! It will be well worth it despite feeling a little bit chilly :)


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