Thursday, 10 April 2008

New & old

Elephant #32

Elephant #33

These are made with lovely Aunty Cookie fabric & polka dot ears (top) and delightful Lotta Jansdotta fabric (bottom) and I don't think they're going anywhere in a hurry as I want to keep them!

Now I need to get onto some orders, to be made with recent purchases from Patchwork on Central Park, just about the best shop ever.

And I recently found this tea towel I made, stashed away with a heap of other stuff. It serves as a good reminder that
I need to get on to doing more screen printing. It's messy, yes, and things go wrong, yes, but it's darn fun. Now just need to find some good cotton, non-drill &/or linen fabric to print onto - no easy task, I'm sure, based on previous searches.

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