Thursday, 12 June 2008

Blog love

For all the time I spend looking at blogs (ah, that would be too much) there's always stuff you miss. And boy have I been missing out! OK, so I'd kinda noticed they're around, but not really *noticed*, if you know what I mean...

Pictures from Skinny laMinx

..How great is Skinny laMinx? Not only does she design great tea towels and many more things, but she's also also very generous. So generous, in fact, that she's sharing process details for how to put your own designs onto ceramics (in her ceramics transfer tutorial). I had no idea how these were done, or even that they could be done. What a revelation and what a great way of combining your own ideas onto your own creations! I thought about what to put on my pieces when I did some pottery a little while back, but wasn't that into painting directly on the piece - I'm just to clumsy (and am too attached to the command+z option). This really does open up a whole world of opportunity, so thanks Heather! Another reason to love the crafting community - there's so many generous souls.

Pictures from pippijoe

I also stumbled across the blog for pippijoe this morning. I'd seen bits and pieces of her beautiful screenprinted fabrics around the place, but missed the blog completely (which contains lots of great snaps of her lovely creations). So much talent, so little time - I tell you, it's a full-time job just taking in all the beautiful stuff that's out there!

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  1. oooh - thanks for the comment and thanks for the bloggy love! I'm very flattered to be grouped with skinny la minx too! nice to meet you!


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