Monday, 9 June 2008

A Happy Printing Long Weekend

OK, so further to the previous post and despite technical issues, the polka dots have had a test run on a set of napkins I made last week. Mental note: Screenprint before sewing - the 'hems' give uneven printing results! Think the white is a bit strong - I like muted colours - but can work on that next time.

And in a late-ish night urge to make something else this long weekend, last night I took the plunge, cut up a potato and put my Lotta Prints book to good use as a reference guide. After getting the technique right, I'm now quite happy with how this first attempt, a table runner, worked out, despite the printing being a bit wonky. The pattern is similar to one Lotta uses, but is adapted to having only straight edges - archs are too hard with a dodgy kitchen knife and a lino cutter!


  1. they look ace. nust get hold of that lotta back and try some out for myself. hey can you make up some plain old fabric squares of these and stick em in your shop for me??

  2. Hey Shannon! OK, so I'm yet to get a proper shop running, but we could perhaps do a swap... You have my email, yes?


Nice to hear from you!

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