Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Another Handmade Christmas

Can you believe there are now over 32,500 people who've pledged to Buy Handmade since the site's humble beginnings about a year ago? Wow, how great. Now, to make this a reality...

I've started with some delicious Christmas cakes (OK, they're made, not bought) that are now doused in brandy and rather delicious and not-too-fruity. Or for something much more heavy and long-lasting, try Delia's Classic Christmas Cake - if you've got a spare 5 hours (or make it as cup cakes, as I do, and it's a much more reasonable 1-2 hours!) You might need four mixing bowls and a bit of time up your sleeve, but they're worth it - insanely fruity and delicious (see below). Yep, I've gone cake-making mad.

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