Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Computer says No

I logged onto my computer this morning, as normal, and what did I see?

What's that, you say - a normal desktop? Well that it might be a default desktop, but it's not my desktop. And Adobe Creative Suite, where have you gone? It was like someone had waved a giant magnet over my computer and hey presto - all gone!

Upon closer inspection - and after a minor hissy fit - I finally found all my data, hidden away (*whew*), which I quickly backed up (haven't done that in a long time!) But whatever happened to my profile I do not know. Guess I'll spend the next few days trying to figure that out, and how to get everything actually working again (ie: HELLO wiping disk and starting again - argh! Worst nightmare!)

And that is why paper and pen is better than computer.

The end.


  1. Thats horrible! Best of luck fixing it x

  2. A similar thing happened to my mac email once. It was like 'Welcome to Outlook!'. Um, 'welcome'...? 1000s of emails never reappeared...


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