Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This is my new little studio :)

And I love it. It's been six months in the making, but it certainly feels worth the wait now that it's all ready to go.

Here's the spiel: Early/mid-last year I decided I needed a proper space - rather than corners of my not-very-big home - to work (ie: do screen printing & sewing and have somewhere to store all my equipment and not worry too much about getting everything messy). And so started the hunt. It was on Lara's blog that I originally heard about a new group of studios being set up in the delightful Kensington, and they sounded perfect.

So after six months of lease negotiations and studio-building, here we are, and me and all my new studio mates are moving in. We each have our own room to work in and there's a great communal area - it's all perfect. And I'm now ready to take on the year and get new things happening. Like, uh, actually get my new tea towel in the shop! Soon, soon...


  1. Hello there neighbour! Welcome to the YoungHusband Woolstore ;)
    it'll be fun having so many crafty minds so close to our studio. Am sure you'll have a fab time in the studio.

  2. Yay new neighbor!

    Thanks for popping by today, and it was great to see your space too - so cute!! I'm sure it'll only get cooler as you clutter it up with more crafty stuff :)

    Definitely pop up any time for a cuppa or whatever :)

  3. That i so cool your very own space! Keep us updated!x


Nice to hear from you!

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