Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Views on a black day

I took these photos of the outside of my studio building in the heat of last Saturday morning, not knowing just how bad the day would get - not only would it be the hottest day on record for Melbourne (hello 46.4 degrees celsius/116 degrees farenheit) but it also saw the worst bushfires on record for Victoria.

It's not hard to imagine how it happened - the horrible northerly winds were so strong they nearly blew my screens away as I was trying to clean them up outside (no, I didn't take our Premier's advice to stay home) and just going outside was like walking into a fan-forced oven - hideous.

And don't forget, there are little ways of helping out - the Red Cross are taking donations, Pip of Meet Me At Mike's has compiled a bunch of helpful options which you can read about here and if you're in the inner north, RRR are collecting toiletries and sanitary items *up until the end of today* which will then be dropped off at base camp, direct to those affected.


  1. Another black thing....I burnt your teatowel on the oven.....

    So much for my 'Im gonna use stuff and not let it sit like artwork on my oven' rule.

  2. Ahhh Mr Younghusband. Such a pretty building to call home :)

    We're thinking rooftop drinks next Friday if the weather's good...

  3. Ohh, I love a rooftop view to go with a beer...


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