Friday, 24 April 2009

Lino cuts and rain drops

Have been playing with tiny lino offcuts, and occasionally cutting myself - ouch. But otherwise fun. Am also remembering that lino's not that easy to cut and that I need to get myself some rubber stamp-making supplies (much easier to cut, apparently, and so there'd be less of the pain and more of the fun).

Also working on another idea that involves rain drops. These are digitally coloured from an ink drawing, but is this the rain I want? Not sure yet.

Oh, and v. excited that the goods purchased on my latest trip to the hardware store have turned into wall shelves! I've been painting and drilling for the last few days and now I've got some shelves to store my wares, which makes me a little too happy.

Happy weekend :)

 ***UPDATE - APRIL 2011*** 
It's a long time coming, but my new raindrops fabric is now available on Etsy in two colours - burnt pink and blue!

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  1. Very nice, I like it. Very simple but it can be felt easily :) Maybe because you used both white and blue raindrops. Good luck


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