Friday, 10 April 2009

Work in Progress

Today I finally got to begin work on something I've wanted to make for aaages - a quilt. And because I've never made one before, I decided to start small - a baby quilt! Crazily I thought I could start and finish it in one sitting, which didn't happen, but I'm pretty sure it's more than halfway done. I'm also sure it looks better in real life that it does in this picture.

I spent most of the time picking the fabric combinations and then measuring and stitching, followed by some more measuring and more stitching. And so far so good. Now I've just got to do the actual quilting part (which will be free form and random and hopefully won't look crap) and then stitch on the edges and back.

In other news, I've finally started the 4-step task that is sealing the concrete floor in the studio. No more concrete dust (soon) - yay! Of course that also means everything's out of action, due to being piled up in the corner while I work my way around the floor. The studio looks all sad and empty again - perhaps soon I'll be able to get a rug or something to warm up that cold floor (and not have it end up coated in white concrete dust - ick.)


  1. I think we are having the same weekend! We discovered last weekend that the bread maker book had a recipe for hot cross buns and have just compared it to yours and ready to get baking! The other project for the weekend quilt! I am only learning to sew, so we'll see how this goes but I'm looking forward to trying. Yours looks terrific. Happy Easter!

  2. Quilts are such a good winter project.

    My teatowel arrived on Thursday! It's so lovely, thankyou! Love the charcoal ink/white linen combo. Not sure I want to mop up kitchen mess with it though... dilemma...


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