Saturday, 4 July 2009

If I had an Etsy Treasury...

..this is what I'd put in it.

I still don't quite understand how to actually get a Treasury (counting hundreds of lists and waiting hours?) but have decided I really want one. So far I've failed in my lame-o attempts, but have compiled a collection that's ready and waiting to be Treasurised (using the poster sketch tool) should an attempt succeed. Too much fun.

Red is the theme, hinting at warmth needed inside to deal with the chilly winter here is Melbourne. Brrr.

Thanks for the inspiration, makers of red things!
(ROW 1) FiggyandWink, chetanddot, skinnylaminx, NaomiMurrell
(ROW 2) flyingstartoys, summersville, renneslechateau, ashleyg
(ROW 3) dollyknits, catsmiaow, summersville, me!
(ROW 4) wonderthunder, mingus, happysquashtoys, handmadebabylove


  1. I want everything in your 'treasury' : ) Great choices! Red really is the best colour : )

  2. Go to There you'll find a page called treasure clock. It will tell you approximately when the treasury opens.
    Then you will have to wait by the pc from at least half an hour before. Good luck!

  3. hey there!
    love it. all is beautiful. great way to have a treasury. xx

  4. I agree, your treasury makes me want ALL of it. Lovely colour choice!!

  5. Thanks guys and Unni, I'm counting down as we speak - you may soon see an actual treasury from me. Great tip!

  6. Beautiful treasury! Good luck :-)

  7. I found you from Red Letter Studio. How funny. I did the same thing, in red too, on my blog because its too hard to get a real one! Just lovely. You have a lovely blog and store. Melinda.


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