Monday, 3 May 2010

Hello from Sweden!

Supermarket shelves and shop window displays are about all we've seen of Stockholm so far, as we arrived on Sunday afternoon and most things were closed, but I think I'm in love. It's cold but the sky is blue and everything looks beautiful and spring-like. And the sun sets late - around 9pm, I think - which is weird for us as the temperature is less than 10 degrees celsius (a lot less than, I think!)

Tomorrow will be a day for buying warmer clothes and walking and walking and walking and looking at lovely things. And not buying AU$10 cups of hot chocolate, as we did tonight (delicious and necessarily warming but definitely budget breaking!)


  1. I'm so jealous! I imagine that Sweden would have famntastic shops and displays....a designers dream. Have fun!

  2. I profess my undying love for that teapot and teacup set...

  3. oh yeh the teaset is lovely and wow $10 for a hot chocolate hope it kept you warm then..

  4. Gorgeous vessels!
    Someday, I'd love to visit...well Australia too!


Nice to hear from you!

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