Saturday, 8 May 2010

Time to buy another suitcase

After a fruitless search for shoes yesterday in Stockholm, today in Gothenburg we stumbled across the cutest clog workshop. And they've been made in the area since the 1930s, originally by the parents of the storekeeper, no less. Needless to say I'm in love and in a bit of pain - they're hard to walk in but hopefully that will sort itself out.

So now there's not much more to do than drink another coffee and eat another kanelbullen (cinnamon bun) and/or kardemommeboller (cardamom bun). And go back to the shop to buy another pair or two :)

Cinnamon buns - I've almost eaten too many of these, if that's possible.

Buns with vanilla and jam - mmm!


  1. love the shoes! love the cinnamon buns! sounds like your having the best time :-)

  2. Hi Amy, so lovely to hear from you! Guess what - I accidentally bought another pair of shoes today! They're blue and so cute. Hope my suitcase doesn't explode :)

  3. oh my those shoes look so great..I am searching for a pair of clogs already a while : )
    have fun in sweden

  4. You bought exactly the same pair as I have :)
    I hope you found some more shoes. Thank you for the fika, very nice to meet you!

  5. ooohhh i want clogs! where is the shop? i am going to gothenburg soon :) were they very expensive?

  6. Ha, what good taste you have Camilla!

    You can buy Swedish Hasbeens online and they ship worldwide (they're the second pair I bought) but the ones in the photo are from Haga Trätoffelfabrik (address Haga Nygata 19) and they weren't too expensive - less than 600sek!

  7. thank you :) i will check it out, but i too might need a bigger suitcase :)

  8. Definitely - let's just say it's hard to stop at one pair!

  9. mmmh! jag har precis hittat din blogg och tycker mycket om den :)


Nice to hear from you!

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