Thursday, 23 September 2010


Yay, I have just got more freshly printed yardage back from the lovely Lara & Teegs & Lou (aka Ink & Spindle). The restocking of my Etsy shop was keenly noted by the lovely Penny (aka @pocketcarnival), so I figured it was worth mentioning here.

While I print smaller items myself, all the large-scale stuff is printed with Ink & Spindle. They do an amazing job and are so helpful (read: patient) with me when I'm agonising over colours and shades. This batch is a reprint - of the previously sold out Red Akzidenz and Red Polka Dots, along with a tweaked Teal Akzidenz and Teal Polka Dots (slightly darker shade from the original colour and I love it).

And it took me a while to notice, but the yarn colours I picked to knit with lately are pretty much the same as the colours I've printed my yardage in (except grey, which would look great in a bootie...I'll have to get onto that!) - freaky.

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