Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Elephant #31

Welcomed into the world this morning, and going to his new home this afternoon ... finally.

Will he be the last elephant made with one of various borrowed sewing machines, before I finally get my own? Possibly not, as sewing maching-buying is a rather involving (and overwhelming) task - where to start and stop? How many stitches could I possibly use? Which brand is better than the other? And do I really need a computer to sew? Argh!


  1. I brought myself a Husqvarna Saphire last year after my beloved Janome finally died..It was certainly a looong term investment. Damn, good machines are bloody expensive. I suggest doing your research online first then heading to the shop with some of your own scrap fabric to test drive. I ended up spending the extra to get the long 10 inch arm because I want to get into quilting. But really I would of been happy with straight, zig zag and blanket stitch. And a machine which has good tension be it one layer or 5 and will get through anything be it canvas or voile. Good luck with the search!

  2. Hey thanks for the tip, Belinda! These machines look amazing and they're on my list, if/when my machine conks out again ( I managed to get it fixed, yeah! 38 years old and still going strong!)


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