Friday, 28 March 2008


A month or two back a friend and I took a wheel-throwing pottery class, after talking about it for ages. It was a short course - just four classes (and I missed one) but it was enough to remind us of the tricks and techniques we learnt in high school, back in the day.

Man, it can be frustrating trying to get it all working (keeping a piece centred can be a challenge) but when it works/nearly works you get quite a feeling of achievement. Actually, the pieces I like the most so far are wonky, in a quirky kind of way.

I've got various mug-type objects at different stages of completeness (just turned; bisque fired; glazed, ready for final firing) but none are done yet. The suspense of waiting until next week is gonna get me, oh yes.


  1. Hi, i just saw this image on Flickr as you are one of my pals on there.. GOOD WORK!!!
    I've been doing a pottery evening class for the last few weeks and am loving throwing, yours are quite a bit better than mine but I too am making quite small pots like yours in white stoneware. I went into the class knowing nothing and am now faced with having to teach pottery to kids between 10 and 14 as part of my Art Technician duties at the school I work at! eeek! Anyway, would love to see any glazed work you've been doing. i still need to fire mine but pics as and when...


Nice to hear from you!

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