Saturday, 22 March 2008

Relish is delish

OK, so after quite a bit of preparation the night before (cutting 8kg of tomatoes and nearly 3kg of onions into little bits!) I thought yesterday's main activity of relish-making would be a breeze - just cook the stuff, bottle it and be done. Of course it took way longer than expected (9am to 6 or 7pm, I think it was) but I reckon it was worth the effort - it is tasty and will last at least a year (and make a nice gift).

Here's how the day progressed:

Note the Keen's Mustard container - it gives an idea of how big this container is!

That's a lot of jars, and I used all but one of them.

All done!

And while it was bubbling away I tried my hand at some hot cross buns (half currant, half chocolate for Mr. I Don't Eat Dried Fruit). They're from the Delia recipe, as recommended by Loobylu - think I printed the recipe when she made them two years ago but only got around to making them now but it was worth the wait.

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