Monday, 19 May 2008


My sporting superhero partner and I had the pleasure of spending the weekend out of town, due to his desire to participate in a half marathon. Each to his own I guess, but you'd never catch me running at all, let alone running for 23km! I'd probably die.

Anyway, once that part was out of the way we got to hang out in Apollo Bay and surrounds, which is not a bad place to be in near-winter conditions (howling wind, lots of rain etc). And with a pot-belly fire at the place we stayed, it was all rather lovely (yes, there was also lots of obsessive knitting going on in front of the fire).

Also got to go on some walks, seeing lots of great things including wild mushrooms (yes, those are bite marks in the top left mushroom!) and more excellent leaves. What a great time of year autumn/fall is.

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  1. Hope you dont mind me commenting but you sure found some interesting things on your walk.


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